Private Tutoring: Individuals and Groups


We offer private tutoring to individual and groups.  Tutoring is held at our location in El Cerrito, or if necessary, at the student's house (additional fees may apply depending on location and distance).

​Private tutoring is ideal for motivated students who are busy and wishes to have a self-paced curriculum structure specifically for them. We work closely with the student and their families to ensure that the lessons are on pace with the student's learning and goals. 


Private tutoring is also ideal for students that need help with their Chinese school homework. 

Small group tutoring is ideal for students (ideally friends or acquaintances) who are of similar level/skill. Group tutoring enables the students to have more practice speaking and conversing with each other. Group tutoring is limited to 4 students so the curriculum is still personalized to each student's level. ​​

How to Schedule:

To schedule, please send us an email or complete the form below, describing your (or your child's) language background, goals, and availability. 

We will then schedule a brief meeting to better understand your goals and schedule sessions from there. 


Tutoring Inquiry Form

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