Kiki's Chinese learning Center:淇淇中文学校

Why Choose Us 

We tailor our lesson plans to best fit the need of each individual student, so that  no student feels left behind, overwhelmed, or under challenged. Our lessons are interactive, exciting, and challenging to best capture the imagination and creativity of our students.  Our afterschool program provides a safe and fun space for students to explore and immerse themselves into the Chinese (Mandarin) language and culture. 

We teach standard Mandarin, pinyin, and focus on listening, writing, speaking, and reading Chinese. We mainly use simplified characters, but as students become more advance, we will introduce traditional characters for them to recognize. 

Our Facilities


Welcoming: We welcome people from all backgrounds and look forward to the opportunity to build lasting relationships through language learning.   
Honesty: Open communication is integral when learning languages. We want our students to have the security and safety to ask any questions or voice any concerns, and to always try. 
Fun: We believe that learning a new language should be a fun and inspiring journey, where we feel the pull to immerse ourselves into the language and culture, to explore it as much as we can.  

Mission Statement

We strive to provide a safe, fun, interactive, and motivational environment to learn Chinese, explore and be immersed in the Chinese culture.

About Us

Located in the vast diversity of the Bay Area, we are a Chinese (Mandarin) learning center that focuses on providing a safe and supportive environment for students to learn and improve their Mandarin Chinese and build lasting friendships throughout their journey.  We tailor our lesson plans to best suit each student’s individual needs and strengths, so that each and every student can achieve and surpass their goals and potential.  


Regular Hours: Mondays - Fridays: 4-6pm

Other times  by appointment only. Please call 510-374-9268 or email to schedule.