Why Choose Us 

We tailor our lesson plans to best fit the need of each individual student, so that  no student feels left behind, overwhelmed, or under challenged. Our lessons are interactive, exciting, and challenging to best capture the imagination and creativity of our students.  Our afterschool program provides a safe and fun space for students to explore and immerse themselves into the Chinese (Mandarin) language and culture. 

We teach standard Mandarin, pinyin, and focus on listening, writing, speaking, and reading Chinese. We mainly use simplified characters, but as students become more advance, we will introduce traditional characters for them to recognize. 

Kiki's Chinese Tutoring

About Us

Located in the vast diversity of the Bay Area, we offer private Chinese (Mandarin) lessons to individuals and groups.  Our private sessions are available to kids as well as adults.  We tailor our lesson plans to best suit each student’s individual needs and strengths, so that each and every student can achieve and surpass their goals and potential.